About Savannah

Let me tell you a little bit about my daughter, Savannah. SHE ROCKS! Savannah LOVES horses. She has recently had the opportunity to be involved in Hands and Hearts for Horses and has really blossomed because of it. Savannah lives with cerebral palsy – and the emphasis is on LIVES. She doesn’t let that hold her back. She has a passion for life that was evident from the time she was born. Born seven weeks early she was just a teeny baby at 2 lbs. and 3 oz. Through the years, she has continually overcome the odds for someone with cerebral palsy and now, as a young lady, she thrives in any environment where she is offered the opportunity to do the ‘regular’ things that other kids her age do. Hands and Hearts for Horses has been a great organization for allowing Savannah to interact with, and ride, gentle horses. Riding these therapeutic horses, this past year, has helped her to learn, more effectively, to use her legs and the rein aids. Some of their horses are especially helpful for those kids who have balance and muscle tone issues. All of this has helped Savannah with coordination, confidence, and maturity. She even won some ribbons at the Hands and Heart Horse Show in March.

Savannah is 11 years old now and has been invited to participate in the Equestrian Special Olympics on October 11-13, 2013. Here is a link to the website, http://www.specialolympicsga.org/horse-show-october-11-13-gainesville/.

We are extremely proud that Savannah has been invited and she is very excited about the possibility of going! The Equestrian Special Olympics will be hosted in Gainesville, GA this year which is over 5 hours away from our home. We are working to raise funds from compassionate sponsors, like you, to allow our family of four to make this trip. Savannah would be thrilled and it would be a lifetime experience for her. We don’t want to see her miss it, but we are not in a position, financially, to fund it all ourselves.

Our goal is to raise $2,000 by October 1, 2013 which would allow us to have the funds necessary to pay for hotels and gas as well as meals, for our family of 4 to go and support this lifetime opportunity for Savannah. I am asking if you would consider a donation toward this cause. We would be forever grateful.

Savannah's Goal